16 sluices of Kaptai Power Plant opened again as water increases

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A total of 16 sluices of Karnaphuli Hydro Power Station in Rangamati were opened again on Tuesday after four days as the water increased.

It was known that about six inches of water have been extracted from the 16 sluices through at the power plant at 1:15 pm. In this, 9,000 cusecs of water per second are falling into the nearby Karnaphuli river.

Karnaphuli Hydro Power Station manager Engineer ATM Abduzzaher said, “The water level of Kaptai Lake has increased to 107.18 feet on Tuesday due to the rains of the last few days. As a result, we again released six inches of water through 16 gates with the approval of higher authorities.”

At present, about 25,000 cusecs of water are being extracted for power generation by five units of the power plant. And these five units are generating 203 MW electricity and adding to the national grid. Due to the rains of the last few days, the water in the lake has increased significantly. As a result, the residential houses and the only road along the lake have been submerged under water.

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