9 more Myanmar border guards take shelter in Bangladesh

9 more Myanmar border guards take shelter in Bangladesh
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Nine more members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have taken shelter in Bangladesh.

They entered Bangladesh through the Kharangkhali and Jhimongkhali borders in Teknaf on Sunday morning.

Lt Col Mohiuddin Ahmed, the commander of Teknaf-2 Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), confirmed the matter.

He said: “Due to various reasons including language barriers, we could not fully verify their identities. However, from the information we have gathered, we understand that all those who sought refuge are connected to Myanmar’s BGP. They are now in our custody.”

Meanwhile, since the day of Eid, there has been intense fighting in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, which is dominated by Rohingya, between the junta government forces and the armed group Arakan Army.

The residents of Cox’s Bazar’s Teknaf, bordering Myanmar, continue to live in fear due to the loud sounds of mortar shells and explosions from the other side.

Mohammad Humayun, a resident of Hnila in Teknaf, said: “Since Eid day, the sounds of dispute and shelling from the other side can be heard again. Unable to withstand the battle, nine members of Myanmar’s BGP have crossed into our side. I heard that the BGB has taken them into custody. However, the number of such instances could increase, according to the people living near the border.”

Teknaf Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Adnan Choudhury said: “Nine members of Myanmar’s BGP have crossed into Bangladesh through the border. The BGP members were disarmed and taken into BGB custody. We are all working together at the border. Our law enforcement forces are on patrol and remain on alert.”

On March 11, around 179 members of Myanmar’s BGP fled to Bangladesh through the Naikhongchhari’s Jamchhari border and are currently at the Naikhongchhari BGB battalion. The process of repatriating them to Myanmar is ongoing.

Conflicts began between the Arakan Army and Myanmar’s border guard force, BGP, across the border in Naikhongchhari on February 2.

Following this, from February 4, some 7,330 people fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar. Among them, 302 were BGP members, four were family members of BGP personnel, two were army members, 18 were immigration officials, and four were civilians. They were formally repatriated on February 15.

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