A rare sighting: 4 tigers seen together in Sundarban

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A group of tourists has recently spotted four tigers together at one place in the Sundarbans.

The tourists saw the four adult tigers together in the Chhita Katka canal in the Sundarbans while visiting on March 12, reports our Khulna correspondent quoting a tour guide.

Earlier, on February 24, forest officials witnessed three tigers together in the Katka area in the mangrove forest.

Shah Ilias Bin Azad (Tapas), tour guide of tour operator Sundarban Holidays, said, “We saw a tiger on the opposite side of the Chhita Katka canal around 5pm on March 12. We tried to approach the tiger with the launch. At one stage, we saw not one or two, but four tigers in the same place. They were almost the same in size.”

He said, “If more than one tiger is seen together in the Sundarbans, the rest are children. But, these were all large tigers. After a while, they went into the forest one by one. Then we left that place.”

Azad further said, “There are many people I know who have visited the Sundarbans more than 100 times. But they have never seen a tiger. Seeing a tiger is a rare occurrence.”

Members of the forest department’s smart patrol team on February 24 spotted three tigers in the Katka area in the eastern part of the Sundarbans, said Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury, fisheries expert at Department of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation in Khulna office.

“The patrolling team spotted three tigers, including a mother and two cubs, together in the east Sundarbans,” added Mofizur Rahman who was also with the patrol team.

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