AA objects to slander in Chin human rights organisations and media

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The AA released a statement on 14 August urging Chin human rights organizations and some Chin media outlets to be fair and accurate when covering news.

The AA said that it has found groundless accusations on the AA and some writing inferred mild animosity between Arakanese and Chin people.

“Some Chin media have reported groundless allegations about the Arakan Army. They did it intentionally out of jealousy against our organization. They are fabricating stories about the AA,” said the AA’s spokesperson Khaing Thukha.

The AA previously thought that it was misunderstanding on the Chin’s behalf, but subsequently found that they did it intentionally as a move to attack the organization, the AA said in its statement.

They alleged that the AA arrested Chin people in addition to torturing them and forcing them to preform labour, but the AA was not involved with these situations, the statement said.

The AA said that the writing about “Katalin villagers” was wrong and objected those who covered these stories.

The statement also said “ AA/ULA respects human rights and has been fighting for equal rights together with other ethnic nationalities. Thus, they have adopted the political principles to treat the people of Chin equally as the people of Arakan especially in military operation areas”.

Regarding the AA’s statement, a Chin activist said that the AA should show if any information is wrong.

“They can correct us if information is inaccurate. Incorrect information will not affect the relations between Arakanese and Chin people. There is no misunderstanding among people,” said Salai Kyay O Bape Htaung, a Chin political activist.

The AA sees such writing as a political attack against them with racial prejudice, hatred, and enmity, and that they (Chin organisations and media) are working together with the Myanmar government and the Tatmadaw, the statement said.

It also said that their accusations are just an attempt to misconstrue the AA among international organizations and international community.

Reference: https://www.dmediag.com/news/534-aao?fbclid=IwAR0dG2H7urzv8Omz8FznmpeGXcxzBKByU3oZrqtOQk2DvWMRc7oqdHsXyC4

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