ABMSU Condemns Arrest of Minorities on Suspicion of Being Bangladeshis

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Four people were taken in by the authorities of Assam’s Baksa district after they were suspected of being Bangladeshi nationals by the local chapter of the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU). However, after the apprehendees were released by the police, the All BTC Minority Students’ Union (ABMSU) has come out in condemnation of the incident.

Taison Hussain, ABMSU leader, said, “The NRC process has been going so peacefully. The foreigner issue has almost been resolved. At such a time, the arrest of four persons — Abdul Kayem, Lalbar Ali, Bimala, Begum, and Khurshud Miya — were apprehended in Goreswar due to locals’ suspicions. We condemn that incident.”

“Why were they arrested? Because of their dress? If they truly were Bangladeshis, why did they not hand them over to authorities?”, he further queried.

The ABMSU further threatened to carry out protests if such incidents keep happening in the future. “People should not be suspected to be Bangladeshis because of their beard, their religious cap, or the way they dress”, Hussain further alleged.

They were not Bangladeshis, and the police has already released them, the ABMSU said.
They further condemned the alleged harassment committed by the locals.

It may be mentioned here that tensions are at an all-time high after the publication of the final NRC list, which left nineteen million people ‘stateless’. Many indigenous people, including the kin of former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed have also found their names excluded from the list.

Reference: https://insidene.com/2019/09/15/abmsu-condemns-arrest-of-minorities-on-suspicion-of-being-bangladeshis/

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