The All Koch Rajbongsi Students’ Union (AKRSU) leader, Hitesh Barman, has alleged that the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), has not lived upto the expectations of the community.

The Koch-Rajbongshi leader said that, “Be it the political parties or the general public, we all had high hopes from NRC, but we have witnessed that it was all in vain.”

“We thought we’d get a ‘free and fair’ NRC, but our hopes have been in vain”, the AKRSU leader added.

The AKRSU leader has further alleged that the final NRC has shattered all our hopes, and further added that the current version of the NRC is not a “correct one”.

“We’ve also been saying this time and again that if we are to get a fair NRC, we have to plan well. However. this is not a correct NRC. Things are messed up”, he added. “It’s important that the issues are resolved”, he said.

It may be mentioned that over nineteen lakh people have been excluded from the final draft of the NRC.

People excluded from the NRC would get 120 days to present their cases at foreigners’ tribunals. The state Government has offered aid to the defendants through district legal service authorities. Only if these foreigners’ tribunal uphold the NRC authorities’ decision would people be detained. Moreover, many political parties of Assam (AGP, Congress, etc) have offered legal counsel to the people not included in the NRC.