Assam Police have recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition in BTAD’s Chirang district.

A joint team of Chirang Police, 5th Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army and 54 Battalion, SSB had raided in the Gabrukhunda area inside Panbari Reserve Forest, which is 18 km north of Panbari Police Station.

Based on some input by internal sources, the joint operation, led by SDPO Bijni in the area, recovered nine factory-made rifles, 11 country-made ones, along with 56 and 10 ammunitions of 7.62 AK series and 5.56 respectively.

It is to be mentioned here that the recovered items were hidden underground and during the joint operation, those were dug out from multiple spots.

The team also used an Army tracker dog to find out the items. Around eight packets containing suspected materials were found from just one spot.

The packets contained around 21 7.62 sniper ammunition and 10 Pika ammunitions. Police also recovered around 29 7.69 CTN and a packet of 333 Nitro.

Additionally, the packets had these items – M 20 ammunition (1), Country made ammunition (5), Empty cartridges (83), 12 bore empty cartridges (15), 7.62 Pistol magazine (3), 22 Pistol magazine (1), 17 kilos of Explosives (PEK).

Chirang Police, during the operation conducted at the Gabrukhunda area also recovered two China-made radio sets with batteries, wires, and around ten suspected lead/iron balls.