Bandarban high schools in crisis as 93 teacher positions vacant

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The education system in Bandarban district is in a dire crisis as 93 positions of teachers in high schools have been vacant for years.

The students of Bandarban’s eight high schools are falling behind due to the situation.

As a result of the severe shortage of teachers, the students are unable to obtain proper education resulting in poor annual results.

Among the eight headmasters of the eight educational institutions in the district, four schools do not have headmasters, nine out of ten assistant headmaster positions are vacant, and out of 176 assistant teacher positions, 80 are empty.

There is also a shortage of staff in those schools, hence the existing teachers are often required to perform administrative tasks.

On the other hand, due to the neglected condition of the school buildings and classrooms, students are being forced to leave the school.

Uye Singh Marma, a student of Ruma Government High School, said: “Not just teacher shortage, but also because of the deteriorating condition of the school buildings, we have to attend classes every day in a state of panic, and this should come to an end soon.”

According to sources from the Bandarban Secondary Education Office, Naikhongchhari Saleh Ahamed Government High School has one post for assistant head teacher but it is vacant, five posts of assistant teacher are vacant out of nine posts.

In Ruma Government High School the headmaster post and assistant headmaster post have remained vacant. Additionally, five posts of assistant teachers out nine of are empty.

Meanwhile, one post of assistant headteacher is vacant in Rowangchhari Government High School, and 11 posts out of 25 posts of assistant teachers are vacant.

In Alikadam High School, the post of assistant headmaster is vacant, and four posts out of 10 for assistant teachers are vacant.

Lama Government High School’s headmaster post and assistant headmaster posts are also vacant. Some 15 out of 25 posts for the assistant teacher is also vacant.

Sources also said Bandarban Government High School has two vacant positions for assistant headmasters in both shifts. Some 50 posts for assistant teachers have 20 vacancies as well.

In Bandarban Government Girls’ High School, the post of principal is empty, and there are two vacant posts for assistant headmasters, and out of 49 posts for assistant teachers, 24 are vacant.

However, there are no vacant positions for teachers in Thanchi Government High School.

A parent of a student, Saching Marma told Dhaka Tribune that they had no choice but to get their son admitted to one of the schools in Bandarban, despite knowing the dire situation.

“We are poor. We have no choice,” he added.

Lama Government High School Principal Md Azizur Haque Nizami said: “We are lagging behind in the field of education due to the shortage of teachers. We have even informed the education minister to resolve the crisis.”

In this regard, District Secondary Education Officer Sarit Kumar Chakma said the education system of Bandarban is being negatively impacted due to the shortage of teachers, and there is no positive development in sight to address this issue.

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