Biju festival begins in CHT

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People of trib communities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts today started to observe the three-day Biju festival, which is part of their New Year celebration.

The festival is known by different names in different communities — Biju, Bihu, Bishu, Baisu, Sangrai, Sanglan and Chakran.

The festivals started today and will continue for the next three days, our correspondents from Rangamati and Bandarban reported.

During this time, they will pray that the new year brings blessings in everyone’s lives by removing all the sorrows and sufferings of the old year.

They celebrate “Phul Biju” on April 12, the main function or “Mul Biju” on April 13, and Gojyapojya on the occasion of the new year on April 14 .The festival is celebrated by wearing traditional clothes and organising various types of food, sports and cultural programmes.

People in Bandarban celebrated Biju, the festival of Chakmas, and Bishu of Tanchangyas by offering flowers in the Shankha river at sunrise today.

Biju, the biggest social festival of the 11 ethnic minorities in CHT, is being observed since time immemorial.

Bandarban’s Superintendent of Police Md Tariqul Islam said security measures have been taken on the occasion of the New Year celebrations. “I hope everyone can celebrate the festival safely,” he said.

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