BJP’s Tension in Mizoram

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There are several reasons which resulted the failure of BJP in the state of Mizoram. The state ruling party Mizo National Front (MNF) is in political alliance with BJP at the centre but not in the state.

That the affiliation of the MNF party with the BJP in Mizoram is in confusing state, whether it is a part of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) or not. NEDA is a pre-poll and anti-Congress political alliance comprising of all regional political parties formed in northeastern states, under which MNF is a member political party.

Earlier, the Mizo National Front (MNF) party which merged with the BJP under NEDA claimed that it is in affiliation with BJP before the general legislative assembly election to Mizoram. But, this claim of MNF party became thin when BJP has won one seat and MNF has ruled majority seats in the said election. Meanwhile, Dr BD Chakma, the lone BJP legislator has won from 36-Tuichawng Assembly Constituency from Chakma Council area and MNF formed government without Dr BD Chakma in its cabinet. Thus, a loophole in their affiliation.

Since MNF party has came to majority in the election, it is out of question now for the MNF party to form government with the BJP as it has little role to play in Mizoram. However, the BJP at the Centre supports Dr BD Chakma, who is the only BJP representative in the state and claims that if the MNF is in alliance with the BJP, it has to share portfolios in its cabinet which the MNF didn’t do it. Yet, the MNF party was invited at the 4th North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) Conclave at Guwahati recently. But it seems, BJP is trying to make Dr BD Chakma, a cabinet minister.

However, from the recent activities of the MNF party, it has a clear message to the central BJP that the Mizos do not want to support BJP due to its controversial ‘Hinduvta policy’ like in other northeastern states, that is the reason the BJP had to make changes slightly and formed ‘Missionary Cell’ in its State BJP Unit which implies that BJP is ready for anything to rule over northeastern states.

There may be several reasons despite its adaptation in the region that BJP has failed to rule in Mizoram. One reason may be anti-Chakma sentiments of the majority Mizo leaders including it’s own State BJP President.

Chief Minister Zoramthanga has partially failed to fulfill his pre-poll committed flagship programme – Socioeconomic Development Programme (SEDP) which promises to pay Rs 3 lakh to every household in Mizoram. This seems impossible to implement without the help from the Centre, to which the BJP repeatedly strikes and wanted to negotiate only by sharing seat in its cabinet. Moreover, majority of his colleagues in the cabinet do not like Chakma minister which also resulted this failure. Even, in CADC the ruling MNF party does not support this, if it is fulfilled then there is a chance for BJP government to be formed in the future.

Prof. JV Hluana, is known for his anti-Chakma activities since his previous profession as a professor. The BJP State President allegedly do not support the Chakmas to cause direct contact with the BJP. He fears that if the Chakmas become the supporters of BJP in Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) and a legislator in the state, the BJP at the Centre might favor them by granting a “Union Territory” to the Chakmas, which is their long demand and an aspiration only to earn the attentions of the majority Mizos. That is why he is playing a role of a middle man to keep the Chakmas distant away from the mainland BJP.

However, Dr BD Chakma sometimes threatens him dead by visiting several Union Ministers at New Delhi and Hemanta Biswa Sarma, Co-ordinator of NEDA very often at Guwahati.

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