Bom community protests bank robbery in Bandarban by the KNF

Bom community protests bank robbery in Bandarban by the KNF
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The Bom community staged human chains in Ruma and Thanchi upazilas of Bandarban against the bank robbery and looting of government weapons by the Kuki Chin National Front (KNF).

The protest, organized by the general public of the Bom community, was held at the Evangelical Christian Church premises in the Ujani neighbourhood of the district town at 4pm on Sunday.

Participants from various levels and professions within the Bom community joined the human chain, holding banners and placards.

School and college students, children, and the elderly also participated, condemning the activities of KNF and calling on its members to abandon terrorist activities and return to normal life.

Speakers at the protest highlighted that the formation of the KNF, an armed organization in the hill area, has disproportionately affected the Bom community. They noted that KNF’s terrorist activities have caused widespread fear among the general population.

The speakers emphasized that not all members of the community should be judged by the actions of a misguided and dangerous faction within the KNF. They urged joint forces to arrest the terrorists while ensuring that innocent individuals are released.

So far, 84 people have been arrested in connection with the bank robbery, the theft of 14 weapons, the kidnapping of a bank manager, and attacks on law enforcement in Bandarban’s Ruma and Thanchi upazilas on April 2 and 3.

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