CNF warns AA not to make Chin State their military base

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Chin National Front (CNF) issued a 7-point press statement after convening their 7th Congress in which they warned the Arakan Army (AA) not to make Chin State their military base and to cease fighting between the AA and Tatmadaw (government troops) in Chinland immediately.

CNF convened their 7th Congress at their Victoria Camp GHQ from March 16 to 19 and then they issued this press statement.

The press statement issued by CNF says, “Military conflict that has been taking place between Myanmar Tatmadaw and Arakan Army caused an emergency situation for the Chin people as they are committing war crimes against these people. So we warn them to cease fighting being fought between them immediately and not to make Chin State as their military base.”

Regarding this press statement issued by CNF, political analyst Maung Maung Soe said that it would not be possible for AA to leave Paletwa in Chin State at present.

“I don’t think AA can leave Paletwa area at present as demanded in this press statement because this Paletwa area is contiguous with northern Rakhine State which is the major operation theatre of AA. I don’t think AA will leave this area as they have to maneuver in this hilly region with dense forest,” he said.

After seeing this press statement issued by CNF demanding AA to leave Chin State and not to make Chin State their military base, the local people speculated that the CNF would attack AA unless they heed their demand but Dr. Min Zaw Oo, executive director of Myanmar Institute of Peace and Security (MIPS), said that it would not be possible.

“Fighting is taking place in southern Chin State. CNF is mainly based in northern Chin State. They don’t have much deployment and military movements in the southern part of Chin State so that it is unlikely that we would see head-on confrontation between AA and CNF at present.

“Not only CNF but also some Kumi people are asking for weapons to fight against the AA. We heard that some Kumi people wanted to form a people’s militia if they get these weapons. We may see such people’s militias in Paletwa soon. And then head-on confrontation between Kumi local people and AA can be seen when these Kumi people are armed with weapons,” Dr. Min Zaw Oo added.

But political analyst Maung Maung Soe said in his opinion that there would be no armed confrontation at present between AA and CNF but there may be political dispute between them.

Reference: Mizzima

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