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Tensions have naturally flared between the two communities since the some Chakmas attacked and physically injured two Mizo IR personnels.

The Chakmas have tried to spread misleading accuses against the Mizo IR personnels in order to justify their actions.
Inspite of their efforts in blackening the name of the Mizo IR personnels, the Tripura police had managed to nab 3 of the culprits and are still on the look out for others.

Late last night, there were again several claims made by the Chakma community of the MZP and YMA having burned down a house belonging to a Chakma.

According to the report received, the MZP, MSU and Central YMA went to visit the spot where the incident had taken place. They were met by the Kawnpui group leaders and other Tripura group leaders by 1:30 pm.
They first visited the IR Camp.
After having a discussion with the the IR PC , (who too is a Chakma himself) present in camp, they waited for the other group leaders from Dampa area who were on their way.

Being aware of their visit, even the Tripura government and BSF were on an alert.

At 4:00 pm, after those who were to arrive from Dampa reached the area, they moved on to Home Mission School at Tualzawl; where they had a meeting which was attended even by the Kawnpui VCP.
After the meeting, they had dinner together and parted ways sometime around 7:00 pm.

It was when they reached Thaidawr that they received a phone call informing them about a Chakma house having been burned.

According to the reports recieved from Kawnpui, the house that was burned was a vacant and unoccupied house.

Reference: Mizoram news.

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