Eid-ul-Fitr prayers to be held in 200 model mosques

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The Eid-ul-Fitr prayers will be held in 200 model mosques, opened by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as part of the construction of model mosques and Islamic cultural centres in every district town and upazila throughout the country.

The government is building a total of 564 model mosques and Islamic Cultural Centres at a cost of Tk 9,435 crore throughout the country as per the pledge Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made in her 2014 electoral manifesto.

The premier already unveiled the 200 Model Mosques cum Islamic cultural centres in four phases in the last two years.

The construction works of the remaining model mosques continues now.

“This year the holy Eid-ul-Fitr prayer will be arranged in the 200 model mosques and islamic cultural centres which were opened by the Prime Minister,” said a press release of Islamic Foundation.

Sheikh Hasina unveiled 50 model mosques each in the first phase on June 10, 2021, in the second phase on January 16 this year and the third phase on March 16 and 17 April last.

The model mosques and Islamic cultural centres include separate places for ablution and namaj along with air-conditioning.

Besides, there will be registration and training arrangements for hajj pilgrims, Imam training centre, research centre and Islamic library, autism corner, ritual system before burial, car parking facility, hifzakhana, pre-primary education and Quran learning arrangement, conference room for Islamic cultural activities and Islamic dawat, Islamic books sale centre, boarding facility for local and foreign guests along with the mosques.

The purpose of the project is to publicize Islamic brotherhood and its values as well as disseminate the essence of Islam against extremism and militancy as the religion never supports those.

It would also put concentration on creating awareness against terrorism and violence against women along with disseminating development activities of the government.

Under category A, some 69 four-storey mosques having the elevator facility and a floor space of 2,360.09 square metres each are being constructed in 64 districts and city corporation areas.

Under category B, 475 mosques are being built with a floor space of 1680.14 square metres each, while 16 mosques under category C in coastal areas will have a floor space of 2,052.12 square metres each.

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