First Naga Baptist Church established in US

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The inauguration of the First Naga Baptist Church in DFW Texas was held on August 10 and 11. The event was held at Burton Hill Baptist Church, which is the sponsoring church for the First Naga Baptist Church.

“The two-day event was historic for the Nagas, for they have established the first ever Naga church in America,” Planning Committee, First Naga Baptist Church stated in a press release.

It was a success with approximately 150 people in attendance from all over the US and from India, it said.

The service on August 10 included talks from the guest speakers on numerous topics regarding the church and a word of encouragement to the leaders of the First Naga Baptist Church. The speakers for the service were Rev. Dr. Vitsilhuto Dolie, Executive Secretary, Angami Baptist Church Council; Rev. Dr. Mathotmi Vasha, Executive Secretary Tangkhul Baptist Church Association; Rev Dr Daniel Kashung, Executive Secretary Southern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association; Rev. Say Phroh, Advisor, Naga Baptist Convention Myanmar; Rev. Dr. Wungreiso Valui, Pastor of Santa Clara First Baptist Church.

The official inauguration service was held on August 11. The greetings were officiated by Rev. Dr. Terry Colley, Pastor of Burton Hill Baptist Church and Rev. Mateo Rendon, Church starter of Baptist General Convention of Texas.

The key speaker was Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of Nagaland Baptist Church Council. Rev Keyho shared the message of God’s love for His people and His Church and that the church belongs to God, along with a history of the Nagas.

Among the attendees, few special guests included Patty Lane, Director, Intercultural Ministries of General Baptist Convention of Texas, Honili Sema, President of Naga American Foundation and Soso Shaiza, Member of National Commission for Women, India.

The pastor of First Naga Baptist Church, Lanutenzuk Lemtur, Secretary Mathingmi Hongchui and the planning committee including Chuingachan Shokwungnao, Kughaho Chishi, Visedelie Seyie have acknowledged all for the support.


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