IED found planted on Tiddim road along the Imphal-Churachandpur road

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ROP personnel of 25 Assam Rifles of Khenjang Post found a suspected IED planted near a newly constructed culvert near Johar Phaicham village on Tiddim road along the Imphal-Churachandpur road on 12th October (Saturday) morning around 6:00.

The Assam Rifles personnel restricted vehicular movements on Tiddim Road along Imphal-Churachandpur road and maintained strict visuals to avoid unwanted incident.

Manipur Bomb Disposal Squad was requisitioned from Imphal who rushed to the spot and pulled out the container which was suspected IED from a distance of about 200 meters by using hook method.

The Manipur Bomb Disposal Squad decided to open the container using hand entry method as the suspected IED container did not explode after being pulled out of the culvert.

800 gm of TNT slabs (4 slabs), 6 kg RDX, 16 AA batteries and one electric detonator were found inside the container and it was found out that it was remote controlled IED.

At around 1:30 pm the IED was successfully diffused and later around 2:35 pm it was disposed safely at Waikhulok Lamkhai Churachandpur.

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