Indian Govt Launched Sandes App, Alternative of WhatsApp

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Indian Govt has launched Sandes App for the officials which is an alternative of WhatsApp. There were controversies against the WhatApp due to its privacy policy, has now found a solution to the problem. Sands app, a fully indigenous application developed by the Government of India, is also being called the original version of WhatsApp. The good thing is that this app is also being used. Currently, only government officials are using it. Ordinary people are not allowed to use it.

Government officials have started using the Sands app, the original version of WhatsApp. Last year, the Indian government announced that it was working on a chat feature similar to WhatsApp. The chat feature is now fully ready in the Sands app. Some ministry officials have started using the app. Sarkar Instant Messaging System is a very simple instant messaging application. When the government announced it last year, people thought it would be called GIMS, but now it has finally found its original name.

According to a news, when you go to, you will get information about this app. Here you are also told how you can log in. You can read it by tapping on any of the options. Currently, the certification is for government officials only. The report also stated that the original version of WhatsApp is currently only for government officials. In this situation, it is not clear when it will be launched for the general public.

The app is not currently known but it may be popular soon. The Sands app works on both iOS and Android platforms. It supports voice and data. It is a modern chatting application. The backend of this application is managed by the National Informatics Center under the Ministry of IT. The timing of the Sands app can be very good because, in a way where WhatsApp is already getting worried about its privacy policy, people are also looking at other apps.

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