Indian Military Logistic Agreements

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What is a logistics agreement?

Logistics agreements are bilateral arrangements for facilitating access to military facilities between nations.Logistics agreements are merely administrative arrangements between strategic partners that would facilitate replenishment of fuel, rations, and spare parts, as well as berthing and maintenance for each other’s warships, military aircraft, and troops during port visits and joint exercises, on a reciprocal basis.Logistics agreements essentially simplify the process of extending logistical support to one other.

India & Logistics agreements

The debate for signing logistics agreement in India began in mid-2000s. It took a decade for India to debate the pros and cons of signing such an agreement with the United States. However since the signing of the LEMOA, India has become more comfortable in concluding such arrangements with other countries.

Since 2016, India has signed several logistics agreements with USA, Australia, Japan, France, Singapore, South Korea etc countries.

According to sources, India is going to sign, Reciprocal Exchange of Logistics Agreement (RELOS) with Russia soon. RELOS will give India access to Russian facilities in the Arctic region which is seeing increased global activity as new shipping routes open up and India’s own investments in the Russian Far East. India-Russia already have great defence coordination, this logistics agreement will further broaden military-to-military cooperation. Recently India-Russia conducted INDRA-NAVY 2021 & INDRA-ARMY 2021. Also, Indian contingent Army’s 3 Naga Regiment were in Russia for ZAPAD multinational exercise. It is to be mentioned that ZAPAD is a multinational Exercise ZAPAD 2021 was held at Nizhniy, Russia from September 3 to 16. ZAPAD 2021 is one of the theatre levels exercises of Russian armed forces and focused primarily on operations against terrorists. The exercise was aimed to enhance military and strategic ties amongst the participating nations while they plan and execute this exercise. In all, 17 countries have been invited by Russia for the exercise. Of these nine are Participating countries which include Mongolia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Russia, India and Belarus. The other eight countries are Observers which include Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka.

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