Integrated checkpost to benefit both Bangladesh and India economically: BGB DG

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Major General Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Siddiqui,  Director General of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), has said that once the ICP (Integrated Checkpost) is launched, the economies of Bangladesh and India will be very prosperous and benefitted as well.

“Many countries of the world, including Japan, are investing in both sides of the ICP. Once this ICP is launched, it will definitely boost the economy as a whole,” he said.

The BGB chief came up with the remarks while briefing journalists at the Ramgarh BGB memorial area in Khagrachari on Friday (March 22).

Earlier, he visited the battalion headquarters of Ramgarh Battalion (43 BGB), the ICP adjacent to Ramgarh land port and the Indo-Bangladesh friendship bridge area and BGB monument.

“The way the economic wheels are moving now under the direction of the Prime Minister, it will be stronger and will be more prosperous in the future,” the BGB Director General said.

Integrated checkpost to benefit both Bangladesh and India economically: BGB DG

Regarding the location of Ramgarh Land Port, the DG said that the dimension of security will be slightly different in this case. For that, adequate security arrangements are being made here.

At the same time, since it has a friendship bridge and the road here is less distance from Chittagong port than other places, the doors of new prosperity of mutual trade will be opened, he added. “It is more viable from all sides.”

In response to another question, the DG said that 177 BGP members of Myanmar are sheltered in the country. The process of returning them is underway. They will also be returned in the same way as they were returned earlier, he stated.

At this time, the BGB chief distributed various food items including rice, pulses and sugar among 250 needy families in the border area.

Additional Director General (Operations and Training) of BGB Headquarters, Region Commander of Chittagong Region, Guimara Sector Commander and Captain of Ramgarh Battalion and other officials were also present.

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