Jana Samhati Samity seeks political solution in the hill tracts: Rashed Khan Menon

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Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon said on Wednesday that the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti has always been trying to find a political solution to the problems in the hill tracts.

While participating in the golden jubilee celebration of the Jana Samhati Samity in the Bishwo Shahitto Kendro auditorium, Dhaka, the seasoned politician said, “Pointing fingers at the Jana Samhati Samiti for the problems in the hill tracts is not right as they are continuously trying to negotiate. It is an injustice towards them.”

Rashed Khan Menon also said, “The youth in the hill tracts were organised against the Kaptai dam and subsequently formed the Jana Samhati Samity. The organisation has also sought recognition for other ethnic communities other than Bengalis in Bangladesh. They have sought this recognition in line with the constitutional rules.”

Mentioning Jana Samhati Samity as a democratic political organisation in the country, Mesbah Kamal, professor at Dhaka University, said at the event, “This group has pointed out to us all the things that are incompatible with our national life and democracy to make this country truly democratic.”

Author and journalist Abu Saeed Khan said, “Tribal people also joined the nationalist movement in the country that started during the language movement.”

Ruhin Hossain Prince, general secretary of the Communist Party, said, “Jana Samhati is different from the conventional political parties of our country. It is undoubtedly a national political party. They are involved in a different level of struggle.”

Sadhuram Tripura, central committee member of the Jana Samhati Samity, who presided over the programme, said, “We signed the Chattogram Hill Tracts Peace Accord by upholding the constitution of Bangladesh. I strongly demand the immediate implementation of that agreement.”

Oikya NAP General Secretary Asadullah Tarek, Jasad Bangladesh General Secretary Nazmul Haque Pradhan, and Bangladesh Adivasi Forum Co-General Secretary Gajendranath Mahato were also present at the event among others.

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