Kargil war veteran Mohammad Sanaullah, who found himself the subject of controversy, after being declared as a ‘foreigner’, has been excluded from the final NRC published earlier today.

Speaking to Inside Northeast, Sanaullah said that his name has not been included in the list. “My case is still pending, so my name has not come in the NRC. When the case is finalized, then I can submit my application.”

It may be mentioned here that the Kargil veteran Sanuallah, who was declared a “foreigner” by a Foreigners’ Tribunal and sent to a detention camp had no chance, along with his children, of making it to the final list since NRC provisions don’t allow for inclusion of those declared ‘foreigners.’

Assam government official Chandramal Das had prepared an inquiry report that termed Sanaullah a “foreigner”.

On the basis of his report, Sanaullah was served a notice in 2008 to prove his citizenship.

He appeared before the tribunal in 2018 and was declared a foreigner on May 23, and sent to a detention centre in Goalpara. However, he was later acquitted.

Das later told mediapersons that he had never seen Sanaullah earlier in his life, and the person who he had described in the report as a Bangladeshi laborer, was not the same person.

The Assam NRC list was released on Saturday morning, leaving out about 19 lakh people from the register.

Reference: https://insidene.com/2019/08/31/kargil-war-veteran-sanaullahs-name-not-included-in-final-nrc-list/