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With an objective to create sentience about the drug abuse and illict trafficking and its harmful effects, a lecture on drug ‘ durg abuse and illicit trafficking was conducted at Farkawn High School, Farkawn on 14 Feb 2020 (Friday) by Rfn/GD Avijit Kundu and attended by 25 students (10 boys and 15 girls) and 02 teachers wherein village authorities were also present, who discussed about how the pressure of modern society and individualistic life creates a challenge for the youth across the globe to stay alert and cautious a falling in the drug addiction traps.

He discussed about various types of intoxicants that causes addition like Cigarettes (Nicotine), Liquor (Alcohol), tea and coffee (Caffeine) and drugs. Although Nicotine, Alchohol and caffeine cause physiological effects, but drugs cause psychological effects too hence are more addictive. These days not only narcotics, but pharmaceutical drugs are also used by drug addicts. Taking or possessing any kind of drug in any amount is a crime and leads to imprisonment . He also mentioned various precautions to find other ways to relax, not believing in false encouragement by fake friends, choosing friends wisely, remain attentive and aware of drugs and always trust your family.

The lecture concluded with tea and snacks for the students, teachers and villagers. The village authorities of Village Farkawn expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the initiative by COB Farkawn, 8 Assam Rifles.

Reference: https://www.northeasttoday.in/lecture-on-drug-abuse-and-illicit-trafficking/

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