Meghalaya on ‘High Alert’ after Final Assam NRC, Sends Back At least 223 ‘Outsiders’

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At least 223 ‘outsiders’ have been detected by the Meghalaya authorities after the fallout over the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was published in Assam.

The neighboring State of Meghalaya is on high alert after the release of the final National Register of Citizens data by the Assam Government on August 31, 2019, which had excluded about 19 Lakh people. In fact after the publication of the draft NRC on July 30, 2018 the then Dy. Inspector General of Police (CID), was appointed as Nodal Officer for dealing with matters relating to impact and likely fallout of the ongoing updation of National Register of Citizen (NRC) in Assam.

The Nodal Officer co-ordinating with all district Superintendents of Police is to monitor the situation closely on a daily basis and to collate data in terms of existing check gate of infiltration.

After declaration of NRC in Assam on 31/08/2019, the Government has alerted all
field units to maintain strict vigil on 24 hr basis.

Instructions were issued to conduct checking comprehensively and not to allow anyone coming from Assam without sufficient proof of documents. The check posts/ check gates at the key entry points bordering Assam have been posted with adequate man power.

All District Superintendents of Police have been directed to liaise with the local
headman and to activate VDPs in all villages with instruction to provide
information of any attempt of infiltration of illegal immigrants in their villages and if there are any unknown individual coming into the village.

Infiltration Special Squad present in all districts has been directed to conduct
enumeration of villages and submit an enumeration report every month as a
precautionary step in detecting infiltrators.

All District Superintendents of Police has been directed to provide a contact
number of a responsible officer posted in the district who shall liaise with the NGOs in sharing information in cases of infiltration of outsiders.

The concerned district Superintendents of Police have also been directed to issue orders to all I/Cs, O/Cs of respective jurisdiction to be alert and maintain strict vigil in their respective areas.

All District Superintendents of Police have been directed to depute one Gazetted Officer from each district to monitor and supervise the daily activities of the above
check points.

Each District has a Special Police Squad of Infiltration Branch to regularly conduct
‘anti infiltration drives’.

Till date, there are a total of 223 outsiders detected and they were sent back directly
to their place of origin, since they could not produce original valid documents.

Moreover, all the Government departments and even civil societies have been asked to assist dealing with the situation.


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