Meghalaya village wants to merge with Bangladesh !!!

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In an astounding incident, a tribal village of Meghalaya, which is situated near the border of India-Bangladesh, has shown displeasure against the Meghalaya and Indian Central governments and has asked them to merge it with Bangladesh.

The tribal people of Hingaria, Huroi, Lahalein and Lejri villages had approached New Delhi and Shillong to construct the Rymbai- Bataw-Borkhat-Sonapur Road for many years. Their requests have not been met. The four villages fall under the jurisdiction of East Jaiñtia Hills district and are located nearly 200 Km from Meghalaya’s capital Shillong. Villagers struggle for basic road facilities for long days. The lack of road connectivity has affected almost 5000 villagers and hindered their access to basic healthcare. Recently it has been learnt from the locals, “The villages bordering Bangladesh are totally inaccessible to Indian areas. They want to to go with Bangladesh because of neglect as there is no road. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach healthcare facility but from the Bangladesh side, it takes them about 30 minutes. They have been demanding road, telephone, healthcare but till now the government hasn’t done anything. These people are voters as well. Both the state and central government have neglected their requirements. There is such inaccessibility that the villagers have started to use Bangladeshi Taka instead of the Indian Rupee”, One of the villagers said.

The incident has revealed the hardships faced by people living in remote areas and their lack of access to basic facilities.

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