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Mizoram government has sent a few hundred people who were excluded from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) back to Assam.

State Home Minister Lalchamliana said that the ones who were detected were sent back to the neighboring Assam from the inter-state border.

He said that strict mobile patrolling was conducted in several roads where there were chances of people excluded from the NRC could sneak in. Mizoram police had detected a few of such people since August 31, the day of the final NRC publication.

Lalchamliana added that the people had been sent back to Assam. The Mizoram government has adopted stricter measures to block such illegal entries to the state.

The state Home Minister said that the government was planning to computerise the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system so that documents could be verified at all the police check posts.

President of the People’s Repre¬sentation for Identity and Status of Mizo¬ram (PRISM), Vanlalruata has backed the move saying that it was time for illegal people to be out of the state.

While speaking to Inside Northeast, Vanlalruata said, “I completely support the government in this regard. I want to push back all the foreigners and we endlessly press the government to push them back.”

Speaking on the lines of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), the PRISM President said, “I have been opposing this bill since the very beginning. This will open up the borders for migrants and I completely oppose this.”

Lately, the NRC and CAB have stirred controversies across the country. The two have even triggered panic across the Northeast region mainly due to the fear of influx of illegal migrants. Mizoram has tightened its security arrangements along Assam border after the NRC publication.