Myanmar claims the injury of three policemen by ARSA attack

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desk report:

The General Administration of the Myanmar government claimed that three policemen were injured in an attack of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Burmese online Erabati claims that this incident took place in a gunfight for two hours near the Maungdaw Township of Rakhine State on Thursday (January 24th).


A spokesman of the government of Myanmar said that an armed group of 40 people of ARSA crossed the border through pillar number 41 and tried to seize a police post.

But the reinforcement from the nearby police posts made the effort of ARSA in vain.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh is always confirming that there is no scope of taking shelter by ARSA inside Bangladesh territory. The present government of Bangladesh has taken tough resistance and never allowing any kind of militant activities inside Bangladesh territory.

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