Myanmar Junta Battalion Commander Reportedly Killed in Clashes with PDF

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At least 25 Myanmar junta forces including a battalion commander were reportedly killed during four days of fighting with the People’s Defense Force in Thandaunggyi Township, Karen State over the weekend.

Clashes between regime forces and the Northern Thandaung Defense Force (NTDF) started near villages in the township last Friday, according to the resistance group.

Intense firefights between two sides continued to occur until Monday.

The resistance group claimed to have killed at least 25 regime forces including a battalion commander and other senior officers while injuring many others.

However, The Irrawaddy was unable to confirm the military casualties independently.

The spokesman of the NTDF said in a statement on Thursday that after suffering heavy losses, regime forces bombarded nearby villages using 60mm and 120mm mortar shells on Saturday and Sunday.

The regime forces also torched 12 houses in two villages and killed nine heads of livestock including cows, buffalos and pigs for their food.

On June 22, NTDF resistance forces ambushed a military detachment in Yaytarshay Township in neighboring Bago Region.

In the ambush, seven regime soldiers including an army captain were killed and a resistance fighter suffered injuries, the NTDF claimed.

The Myanmar junta is reportedly suffering daily heavy losses due to relentless attacks and ambushes by PDFs and ethnic armed organizations across the country.

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