Myanmar junta’s troop deployment sparks fear in Yangon

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Amid escalating tensions in several townships of Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar, parents have halted sending their children to public schools after the military junta deployed troops at educational institutions.

The move has sparked fear among residents, prompting concerns about the safety of students.

The Irrawaddy reported that junta troops have been stationed at multiple high schools several townships. Teachers have conveyed to students that they cannot guarantee their safety, leading parents to decide whether to send their children to schools.

Rumors of fighting in Yangon and resistance groups urging parents to avoid sending children to places occupied by junta troops contribute to the growing anxiety.

This development is reminiscent of the post-coup period in 2021 when troops were stationed at schools and hospitals to suppress anti-regime protests.

Recent reports of missing persons in Yangon have heightened speculation that the regime is abducting men for military duty.

The streets are reportedly deserted at night, with residents expressing concerns about potential nighttime abductions.

Rumors circulate about the regime arresting young men in various townships. Allegedly, the junta demands ransoms of up to 500,000 kyats ($150) for their release.

In addition to troop deployments in schools, there are reports of increased military patrols, strict inspections, assaults, arrests, and robberies in Yangon.

Residents express a palpable sense of insecurity, with some taxi drivers refusing to operate at night due to fears of military patrols and forced conscription.

The regime’s denial of rounding up civilians for porter duties contradicts reports from residents, highlighting the information challenges in the current environment.

Pro-junta media suggest that those arrested are members of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), attributing the heightened tension to the presence of PDFs in Yangon and Mandalay.

Meanwhile, the junta warns that the use of unlicensed satellite devices and other internet services will be prosecuted under the Telecommunication Law.

This follows the regime’s past restrictions on internet access in various regions since the 2021 coup.

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