Myanmar situation: Calm prevails near border, schools reopen

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The situation on the other side of the Ghumdhum border at Naikhongchhari Upazila in Bandarban has returned to calm after a brief spell of unrest.

There were firings in the Border Guard Police (BGP) checkpoint areas on Monday, but the situation has been peaceful since Tuesday morning.

Classes have resumed in five government primary schools at Ghumdhum, which were temporarily closed on Monday noon due to firings on the other side of the border.

Confirming the developments, the primary education officer of Naikhongchhari, Triratan Chakma, said the situation at the Myanmar side of the Ghumdhum border is now peaceful. Hence, the schools that were closed temporarily on Monday have reopened, with authorities closely monitoring the situation.

Bandarban Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shah Mojahid Uddin is scheduled to visit the bordering area to see the situation on Wednesday, along with the superintendent of district police, Saikat Shahin. Earlier, the director general of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) visited the Ghumdhum border.

Public representatives of Ghumdhum said there are three guard posts and camps of the Border Guard Police (BGP) on the other side of the zero line at Konopara, Tumbru, Baishphandi. No gunshots were heard from the spots on the day, but the situation may worsen at any time.

Residents of the bordering areas have been panicked and cautious, particularly after an incident when part of a mortar shell struck the zero line during shelling near the Dhekibania BGP border post.

Dil Mohammad, a member of Ghumdhum union parishad, said there have been firings between the Myanmar Army, BGP, and the rebel Arakan Army (AA) since last year. Residents of the bordering areas are now habituated with it. They get panicked during the firings and return to regular life when these are over.

In this regard, DC Shah Mojahid Uddin said there are some problems at the Ghumdhum border due to the internal conflicts of Myanmar. As of now, there have been no reports of any further problems since Tuesday morning.

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