Coffee Plantation during Lockdown in Nagaland

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In line with the way forward for economic recovery and push forward for post COVID-19 Nagaland of the State Chief Minister’s economy plan where the state has earmarked 10 lakhs hectare plantation of coffee by 2027.

Stress on economy and people due to lockdown have affected primary sector upto 25.34% where 70% of the populations in Nagaland are engaged with the need of food sovereignty and self-sustenance. Climate change, food and finance security cannot remain in isolation and is no longer a survival of the fittest for existence but co-existence in which creativity and innovation should be the driving force.

The Land Resources department, Nagaland during the lockdown alone has developed 1500 Ha of coffee plantation alone with more than 34 lakhs saplings cultivated with the ecosystem in all the project villages stated the officer of the department.

Field officers who were engaged in the distribution and monitoring the plantation activities shared, in some villages even planting material-coffee, areca nut, tea, cardamom, black pepper etc has to be quarantined outside the village area before it is being taken to the filed for plantation for fear of spread of COVID-19.

Expressing satisfaction with the initiative that the farmers undertook for plantation especially coffee, Vikugha, Field Officer said, “plantation activities is more successful during the lockdown than before as many beneficiaries was busy with other activities during other times but this time since they cannot travel anywhere plantation activities has make them busy.”

Sharing the post COVID situation, Vikugha also said, one Ha of coffee will engage 3-4 people and with this pace of development many youngsters will also be employed in this sector.

“Farming depends upon the soil, water and air so agriculture does not necessarily mean cultivation of cereals, pulses alone,” stated Khetoho, a farmer and added, “so, our family alone has developed 8 Ha of coffee during this lockdown and I still has some pit where I can cultivate more.”

Reaching out to farming community was very difficult task in trying times like this, when there is restriction all over but with the help of technology we reach out to the farming community and this is how things could be materialized shared Victoria, a field staff.

During the lockdown activities such as celebration of world environment day by planting local plant species, spring shed activities could also be carried out keeping in mind the norms of the lockdown added the department source.

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