New trend of cheating for jobs abroad – Large NE youths are victims – ANALYSIS for prevention

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Many mainland married to NE females have started job placement agencies in cities and wooing gullible youth for jobs abroad. 8 NE youth including young females paid 32 lakhs to VN Enterprise at NE states for jobs at Cyprus, brought to Noida and kept Hotel Noida International for months assuring them to send to Cyprus, all their documents, deposited, left to fend themselves with wrong assurance and hotel bills were also to be paid by these youth.

Somehow contacted us and helped them to pay their hotel bills. And today somehow booked rail tickets to back home with broken dreams, weeping in front of me today requesting me for retrieving their 4 lakhs each and all their original documents. Have informed CP Siliguri for immediate action. CP has assured all out action.

12 Ne youth ( nagas, assamese, manipuris, aruncahalis were wooed for jobs at cargo shipping companies, paid 2 lakhs each, taken to mumbai, than at Arabian sea by a cargo ship, ship was not allowed to enter the port in Dubai, waited at sea for 15 days as the ship was not properly registered for foreign ports, eating potatoes cooked by themselves, a naga victim somehow contacted me with choking voice of helplesness for helping them to get back to mumbai as they were almost starving at old dilapidated cargo ship. They were threatened of physical abuses if they complaint.

Trying to contact shipping companies who ordered them to travel at rusted cargo ship.

7 NE jobs aspirants for foreign airlines were brought by agents and kept at hotel in Delhi and they had to accompany the agents party goers every evening for drinks parties telling these gullible novice foolish dreamers to be airhostess as part of their training schedule. When nothing happened for their jobs after I month, in desperation, they came to us for help.

10 unemployed youth from Manipur and Nagaland were brought here for assurance of ground jobs at IGI airport, Delhi after paying on lakh each, they didn’t get jobs even after 3 months of waiting, in desperation, many started doing menial jobs like waiters, cooks, guards. 3 of them came to us for help.

4 Smart looking tall girls were brought at UP for jobs after skill training after assurance of decent jobs were separated once they reached Lucknow and were sent at hotels having massage parlours and spas and they were arrested recently by police, two females were in judicial custody for 1 months as they had no bailers, somehow RKM Mission and Helping Hands lawyers bailed them out. The case is on…

We had an agent who recruited 14 young unemployed youth from Naga, manipur, Assam, Sikkim at BPO Noida recently and they were arrested by Police for doing illegal international BPO business and were in jail for 3 months as they had no bailers for them.


* Most of these placement agencies are run by son in laws of NE people who have married NE females and won their trust.

* They have big show placement agencies in NE states in connivance of unscrupulous NE greedy locals.

* They target gullible desperate unemployed youth with beautiful advertisements and good connections with local greedy people there.

* They mostly take the original documents of these foolish youth with big dream in cities and job in foreign countries. Threatened them with physical harm and destruction of their original documents. Which in most cases deter victims not to report to police.

Remedial Measures:

* Create an awareness of such jobs frauds in all forums including in community unions, students unions, churches, gompas, temples, in popular shows like local festivals etc.

* Request DC / SP and Labour department of your area to have check of these placement agencies including skill jobs placement agencies.

* Request respective state government labor department to have Information Cell and Nodal officer for verifications of such job offers in cities and for foreign countries jobs.

* Appraise your local leaders ( MP/ MLA, DC/ SP) for taking up the matters.

These are some of steps we can prevent massive cheating of NE youth by these unsavory unscrupulous placement agencies.

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