NSCN IM Responds to RN Ravi’s Recent Accusations

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RN Ravi, the Indian Interlocutor for the Naga Political Talk, in a complain letter written to Nagaland Chief Minister, termed the Naga militants as organized armed gangs, and accused the Naga militants as the stumbling block to all kinds of development in the state.

Responding to this letter, the biggest Naga militant group NSCN IM responded in a series of tweets from their official Twitter account.

It reads, “In the history of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations People’s Organization), which is the parallel organization to the UN, to which NSCN is a bona fide member, no gang has found its place as member. Only legitimate political organizations of peoples and nations are admitted in the fold of UNPO.

Any Indian Interlocutor who represents the GoI needs to prove himself as a man who stands committed to solve the longest political conflict in SoutheastAsia. But if he finds pleasure to handle the Naga issue as a ‘law and order’ problem he is not the right person to solve the long standing IndoNaga problem. Such an Indian Interlocutor will rather complicate and prolong the process which is not the desire of both the IIndians and the Nagas.”

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