NSO Myanmar says joint military ops being undertaken at Naga SAZ

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28 March 2020
The Naga Students’ Organization (NSO) Myanmar today claimed that “a joint military operation” by the government of Myanmar and India “is going on in the north western parts of Naga Self-Administered Zone (SAZ) bordering India in Sagaing Region of Myanmar.”

A press release from the NSO Myanmar said that it has been appealing to both the governments for peace, tranquility and development in the field of education, healthcare and socio economy in Naga hills “instead of war.”

“But our voice and cries are still not heard, the Naga villagers continue to live in fear and trauma under the military forces. It is saddening to learn that the joint operation is undergoing in Naga regions bordering India despite of the poor villagers already living in fear of the COVID 19 global pandemic crisis, and while the whole world is fighting unitedly to save lives from the deadly,” it stated.

The NSO Myanmar appealed to the military forces of both Myanmar and India to “not harass and torture the innocent villagers in the name of operation against the NSCN,” but to bring peace and peaceful coexistence between the two parties especially in this hard times.

It meanwhile asked the Naga people in Sagaing region to be confined to their respective villages and not travel to towns and cities at this crucial time in order to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, until the situation is normalised.

“One cannot imagine if COVID-19 hits the Naga hills, a place where even curable diseases like fevers and seasonal flu cannot be treated,” the NSO cautioned.

It further notified businessmen and shopkeepers in Layshi, Lahe and Nanyunnot to overcharge on any commodities for daily consumption.

ENSA: The Eastern Nagas Students’ Association (ENSA) in a press release through its president and General Secretary condemned the alleged deployment of Myanmar armies in the SAZ for operation.

Alleging that Myanmar armies are camping at jhum cultivation field in Chen area of Eastern konyak area bordering India supposedly for a joint operation along with the Indian armies, it stated that operation is “totally against the International Human Right.”

ENSA, in a press release appealed the military forces to withdraw its troupes on “humanitarian ground to bring peace and tranquility in the region.”
File photo: Naga Army in Eastern NAGALIM

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