As per the latest reports from the US, son of Osama bin Laden, Hamza is believed to be dead. Hamza was allegedly trying to lead an al-Qaida resurgence.

Reportedly, US had received intelligence that said he had died, citing three American officials.

The New York Times also reported Hamza bin Laden had been killed sometime over the past two years, and it had taken time to confirm the death.

The report added that the US had a hand in the death of the al-Qaida heir.

It was suspected that Hamza Bin Laden had been planning to plan attacks on western targets with the aim of restoring al-Qaida’s status at the vanguard of extreme jihadist groups, after many years of decline and eclipse by Islamic State.

The security forces believe him to have been based in Pakistan’s tribal areas, along the border with Afghanistan.

However, US president Donald Trump has denied giving any comment to the question raised over Hamza bin Laden death and so did the White House.

It is to be mentioned that Hamza bin Laden last appeared in public through al-Qaida’s media outlet in March 2018, where he had threatened Saudi Arabia and called on the people of the Arabian peninsula to revolt.

Saudi Arabia in March of this year had revoked his citizenship after the US offered a $1m (£800,000) reward for help locating him as part of its “rewards for justice” programme.
Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011 by US Special Forces who raided his compound in Pakistan.