Powerful IED rocks city hours before R-Day parade rehearsal

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Imphal, Jan 24 : A powerful bomb exploded around the turning of RIMS Road from Nagamapal at around 4.55 am in the early morning of Thursday. The powerful IED was suspected to be planted at the base of the second electric post from Nagamapal side by cadres of proscribed militant organization on the eve of Republic Day celebration, the full rehearsal of the parade of which was to be held later in the day.

The violent impact of the explosion ripped away the tin sheet roofing of nearby shops on both side of the road many of which were blown away or mangled. Many window panels were also shattered due to the force of the blast, and the pieces glasses were seen scattered on the road side as well. Marks caused by the splinters from the explosive device were visible in all directions from the epicenter of the blast.

According to the statements of police personnel who were on duty at Nagamapal at that time a car was observed proceeding in full speed towards RIMS Road bending the corner and immediately the sound of the explosion was heard. The only casualty of the blast was a ten year girl whose father runs a tuition centre which is located directly opposite to the electric post where the bomb was planted. She suffered cuts caused by scattered pieces of glass propelled by the shattering of the window panel.

SP of Imphal West K Meghachandra immediately rushed to the site of the incident and carried out inspection. Before his arrival a team of bomb disposal squad also inspected the site. The member of the bomb expert team asserted that the IED was a very powerful one and if the blast had been triggered later in the day when the movement of people and vehicles will be of larger volume then there could even have been more casualty and even fatality.

As per reports, five shops were damaged after the bomb exploded under the electricity post.

No individual or any other organization claimed responsibility for the blast by the time of filing this report.

It may be mentioned that today is the day of full rehearsal of the Republic Day parade. Police are very much sure that the explosion was the handiwork of militant organizations.

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