Rohingya team to visit Myanmar’s Rakhine State to observe situation

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A Rohingya delegation will visit Rakhine State of Myanmar as part of confidence-building measures to encourage Rohingya repatriation.

The 20-member Rohingya team, along with Bangladeshi officials, is scheduled to visit the western Myanmar state on Friday to monitor whether a supportive environment has been created for repatriation.

Depending on their opinion, preparations are underway to send back more than 1,100 Rohingyas in the first phase. If all goes well they will be sent back quickly.

On April 18, Bangladesh and Myanmar met in Kunming in cooperation with China to implement this pilot project on Rohingya repatriation. Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen held a meeting with high-ranking officials from Myanmar and China. The meeting discussed the initiation of the pilot project for pre-monsoon repatriation.

Apart from this, last March, diplomats from 11 countries, including the ambassador of Bangladesh, were shown various structures made for Rohingyas in Rakhine State.

Wishing anonymity, an official said that the Rohingyas must be given the confidence to return. For that, they will visit Rakhine State to experience the situation on the ground.

A week after the Rohingyas’ visit, a delegation from Myanmar will come to Cox’s Bazar to meet with them.

He also said that the initiative to repatriate the Rohingyas was taken twice through the mediation of China. Despite all the preparations, it was not possible due to the unwillingness of the Rohingyas.

From that experience, the relevant authorities are proceeding with extreme caution.

International pressure
Myanmar will have to submit the Rohingya genocide case papers to the International Court of Justice on May 24. Before that there is an urge on their part to start the repatriation of Rohingya.

According to a source in this regard, Bangladesh wanted to know the Rohingya repatriation plan during the meeting in Kunming, China. There are still differences of opinion on some issues. Apart from this, the repatriation of another 6,000 Rohingyas this year has also been discussed.

When asked about the differences, the official said that according to the agreement, 300 per day and five days a week are to be repatriated. But Myanmar wants to take in 30 per day due to their lack of preparation.

He said that there will be a meeting again in December to decide on the current repatriation initiative and the possible repatriation of 6,000 Rohingyas.

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