Rohingyas rally in Cox’s Bazar to demand justice, repatriation

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Rohingyas held peaceful rallies demanding justice for genocide in Myanmar in 2017 and five-point demands including dignified repatriation with full civil rights in their own homes.

Rohingya leaders said that the gathering was held separately in the rain in four camps of Ukhiya and Teknaf from 10:30am-12:30pm on Friday.

The gatherings aimed to vocalize a spectrum of concerns, such as expeditious repatriation to Myanmar, the acknowledgement of their ethnic identity, the establishment of a secure zone for Rohingyas within Myanmar, the restoration of their homes, and the assurance of civil liberties in the Rakhine State.

Designating August 25 as Genocide and Black Day, the Rohingyas held a collective desire to return to their homeland, Arakan in Myanmar, and to secure justice for the atrocities inflicted upon them.

Under the rallying theme of “Go Back Home,” Rohingya community leaders from various camps and blocks articulated their multifaceted demands, all united by a single call – “We want justice.”

Gatherings took place in Ukhiya’s Kutupalong, Jamtali of Palangkhali, Maynarghona, and Leda camp in Teknaf.

Within these rallies, they called for a just trial for the 2017 killings and assaults, immediate repatriation of Rohingyas with unwavering dignity, the restoration of civil rights, the repeal of the Myanmar Citizenship Act of 1982, the reclamation of their Rakhine homes, and the creation of a protected zone for Rohingyas within Myanmar.

The international community, including the United Nations, was earnestly urged to translate these demands into action. The Rohingyas expressed gratitude to the Bangladeshi government for providing them with a safe haven.

Security arrangements were bolstered by the Armed Police Battalion (APBn), district police, and other law enforcement agencies, ensuring order and safety during these gatherings.

The rallies mark the anniversary of the Rohingyas’ departure from their homeland on August 25, 2017. This exodus followed immense persecution and genocide within Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

The first significant rally was held on August 25, 2019, within the camp, under the leadership of Master Muhibullah. He was later assassinated by members of the Myanmar group Arsa.

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