Shantu Larma: People’s minds will be re-energised if CHT agreement is implemented

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Shantu Larma said that the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord which was formally signed on 2 December 1997 should be properly implemented. If the agreement can be properly implemented, then the hearts of the people of the hilly areas will be revived in enthusiasm.

“We are the citizens of Bangladesh and we want the existence of the trib people of our hill region to be written in the constitution of Bangladesh but so far it has not been done,” he said this at a discussion meeting on the occasion of Biju, Sangrai, Baisu, Vishu, Bihu, Sangkran Monday morning.

Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council Chairman Jyotirindra Bodhi Priya Larma said: “In today’s hilly areas, we cannot talk or sleep peacefully. This is how we spend our lives constantly.”

Meanwhile, youths from different ethnic groups showcased their respective cultures in traditional costumes during Monday’s procession. From this procession they conveyed the greetings of Baisabi to everyone. The participants came with different festoons and banners to realize the rights of ethnic groups in the festival.

Shantu Larma said governance and the legal system in the mountainous region cannot be a democratic, humane system. He alleged that the rule of law has not been upheld and has been in violation of the CHT Accord.

“They want to destroy our culture and expel us from this place. We have been witnessing this for years,” he added.

He also said that talks are going on with the government to implement the clauses of the CHT agreement.

After the discussion, a rally was taken out in front of Rangamati Municipal Council. The rally was attended by ethnic minorities in their traditional attire and traditional songs were sung.

The rally circled the main road of the city and ended at the Chinghla Mong Mari Stadium.

Every year, the rally is taken out on the occasion of Baisabi, the main social festival of the hills.

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