A suspect Rohingya refugee has been killed in an alleged landmine explosion along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, as stated by officials on Wednesday.

Nearly a million of the Rohingya Muslim minority are living in the camps in southeast Bangladesh who fled from the country due to military violence and use the porous border to travel back to Rakhine state.

As per reports, Bangladesh officials have accused Myanmar security forces of planting mines along border areas to prevent the refugees from returning to their villages. The Bangladesh border guards said of hearing a loud explosion on Tuesday at the border village of Ghumdum and saw several men leaving behind a wounded person.

Reportedly, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) regional commander Ali Haider Azad Ahmed said the dead man is suspected to be a Rohingya refugee and yet to be identified.

Some 7,40,000 Rohingya Muslim have been fleeing to Bangladesh since August 2017 in fear of the accused ethnic cleansing campaign by Myanmar troops.

Reference: https://insidene.com/2019/09/05/suspect-rohingya-refugee-killed-in-landmine-explosion-along-bangladesh-myanmar-border/