Three Contractors Blacklisted for Fraudulent Practices in Rangamati

Three Contractors Blacklisted for Fraudulent Practices in Rangamati
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The allegations of not submitting the necessary documents for false notes and qualifications to the concerned office have led the Roads and Highways Department to blacklist several contractors involved in the development projects worth hundreds of crores in the hilly Chittagong region.

Among the blacklisted contractors are S Ananta Development Tripura, Hasan Techno Builders Limited, Mr. UTI Man, and Unnuch End Badders. Confirming the matter, the chief engineer of the Roads Circle Office in Rangamati, Mofazzal Hossain Haider, stated that.

He informed that the contractors listed in the blacklist under the current diversion category will not be able to enter the EGP in any way. Despite being blacklisted, these contractors accused of fraud are still carrying out their work diligently, according to investigations.

In addition, it has been mentioned on the E-GP procurement system web portal that two contractors, S Ananta Development Tripura and Mr. UTI Man in Bandarban, have not submitted information on ongoing road development work, including bridge construction, under the Roads and Highways Department in Rangamati, Bandarban, and Khagrachhari.

Furthermore, Hasan Techno Builders Limited in Rangamati has been found to be managing development work under road and highways department supervision by submitting false documents for EGP tender participation. The relevant authorities have taken action against these contractors by the Roads Circle Office in Rangamati.

Moreover, an experienced engineer with 20 years of experience has stated that verification and selection of necessary documents were required before tendering for ongoing work, and that was the rule. However, the secretive issue of blacklisting after giving out tender works without any verification remains.

On the other hand, Omar Faruk, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee in Rangamati, said that verification of documents was necessary before awarding work and that was the rule. Work worth hundreds of crores will be carried out without the necessary documents. He also commented that the absence of action against these contractors before issuing work orders is a serious violation of the law.

Investigations have revealed that the blacklisted contractors S Ananta Development Tripura is carrying out tender work under tender IDs 738717, 814938, 739123, 738925, and 853638. Projects include the construction of the 60.750-meter-long Sonai Chhara Bridge on the Rangamati Mahalchhari Khagrachhari-2 road and the 63.055-meter-long Bet Chhara Bridge on the Ranihat-Kaukhali road.

In Bandarban, UTI Man, another contractor, has not submitted necessary documents to the Roads and Highways Department, including the submission to the concerned office and the E-GP portal, for projects such as the Foisakhali Youngsha Bridge, Kalatali Bridge on the Lama-Alikadam road, and the guardrail bridge over the river on the Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi-Alikadam-Naikhongchhari road.

Additionally, Hasan Techno Builders Limited in Rangamati has been blacklisted due to false document submission, according to the government e-procurement web portal, leading to their inclusion in the blacklist.

The concerned authorities have informed that despite multiple notices, these contractors have not received any satisfactory response from the concerned parties, hence they have been blacklisted.

Furthermore, it has been informed by several responsible sources that some officials at the office are assisting these major contractors in unlawfully obtaining tender works without verification of documents for their own benefit. As a result, legitimate contractors who consistently pay VAT and taxes are being obstructed from getting work repeatedly.

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