Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) Factional Gunfight in Khopum Area, Manipur, India

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In a reported encounter between ZUF factions that occurred in general area of Khoupum a cadre was seriously injured and arms and ammunitions of a faction was captured by the rival faction.

Source reaching to admin says that encounter broke out between ZUF/ZTF and Jianchui Kamei led ZUF faction in Khoupum area on Feb 7. A cadre of Jianchui faction was seriously injured and another was captured alive by ZUF/ZTF.

Source further said that ZUF/ZTF retrieved 1AK 56, 4 command bags, 2 Kenwood radio set’s, 2HK magazines, 2 pouch of HK and huge cache of ammunitions belonging to Jenchui Kamei faction. The Zeliangrong United Front, a militant group of Manipur, vowed not to have any peace agreement with the government and continue to struggle for protection of the interest of the Zeliangrongs and its related indigenous communities. “ZUF stands to protect the natural resources, land and people, and to promote fraternity and assure individual dignity, as also to preserve the unity and integrity of Zeliangrong Inpui, Chiru and other minority groups bound by territorial jurisdiction.” Continued Unification Refusal In 2015 The NSCN (I-M) held talks with the Centre and one of its main demands was the integration of Naga-inhabited areas under one administrative unit, including Manipur’s Naga-inhabited districts. However, ZUF adamantly opposed any unification, thus provoking continued violence between the groups. While the NSCN (I-M)’s demanded for Naga integration, the Kuki community and the Zeliangrong community…

Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF), also known as Zeliangrong Tiger Force (ZTF, the armed wing of ZUF) is an active group formed c. 2011.

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