10 rogue groups active in Rohingya camps: Report

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News desk.

According to the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Defence, three criminal groups, including the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa), and seven bandits are active in the Rohingya camps.

Regular patrolling and surveillance could not be strengthened at the Tambru Konpara camp located on the Zero Line. As a result, it has become a hub for Arsa’s organisation, training, drug smuggling and criminal activities, according to the report presented at the committee meeting on Wednesday.

Among the 10 rogue groups, Arsa is active in Ukhia, Balukhali, Palongkhali and Hawaikwang; Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) and Master Munna Dal in Ukhia and Palangkhali; Islami Mahaj and Jabu Dakat Gang in Hwaikwang; And in Nayapara camp, Chakma dacoit group, Nabi Hossain dacoit group, Putia dacoit group, Salman Shah dacoit group and Khalek dacoit group.

Reports say that Arsa controls most of the camps, adding that fighting between Arsa and the Nabi Hussain bandits often results in casualties.

According to the report, the presence of Arsa and its criminal activities created a security risk in the camp.

About 1 million Rohingya have fled across the border into Bangladesh since the Myanmar army’s crackdown in Rakhine.

Many Rohingya refugees are becoming involved in criminal activities and experts fear that the camps are becoming havens for criminal gangs.

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