Dengue: 233 more hospitalised, no death in 24hrs

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Some 233 more people were hospitalised with Dengue fever, although no death from the mosquito-borne disease was reported in 24 hours till Monday morning, said the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Among the new patients, 213 were admitted to government and private hospitals in Dhaka while the remaining 20 cases were reported from outside the Dhaka division.

According to the DGHS, 10,090 patients have been diagnosed with dengue this year and 42 of them died.

Some 1,150 patients diagnosed with dengue fever are receiving treatment in the country as of Monday morning, the DGHS said.

Of them, 1,004 patients are receiving treatment at different hospitals in the capital while the remaining 146 were listed outside Dhaka.

So far, 8,895 dengue patients have been released from hospitals after recovery, according to the DGHS.

The dengue outbreak has become a cause of major concern as the country is battling the deadlier Delta variant of coronavirus with its limited healthcare facilities for the last few months.

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