Indian National Investigation Agency will Investigate Fake Currency case in Bangladesh

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Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) will investigate a case over a sophisticated counterfeit Indian currency smuggling racket running out of Dhaka, laying the ground for the federal agency’s first probe in Bangladesh.An NIA team will soon visit Dhaka to interrogate the suspects and find the entire network.

A 2019 amendment in the NIA Act enables the agency to probe terrorist activities outside India if Indians or Indian interests abroad are targeted. The change in law was patterned on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s powers which empower the US agency to carry out investigations outside the United States.

An FIR recently registered at Paltan Model police station by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police in connection with the case has already been taken over by the NIA. The FIR was registered after five people, including two Pakistani nationals, were arrested in Dhaka with fake Indian currency of ₹46 lakh. Although India and Bangladesh have a joint task force mechanism to share real-time information on the fake currency smuggling, New Delhi decided to investigate the syndicate on its own to identify the handlers and unearth the larger network.

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