OIC meeting: Bangladesh calls for immediate end to Sudan war

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Bangladesh has called for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Sudan and the start of the peace process.

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s Permanent Representative and Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr Mohammad Javed Patwary made the call to the Sudan Armed Forces and the Sudan Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at an emergency meeting of OIC’s Executive Committee at its Jeddah headquarters today with Saudi Arabia in the chair.

At the beginning of the meeting, OIC Secretary General Hissen Brahim Taha gave his views on the situation in Sudan.

“Sudan’s fight is undermining the Sudanese people’s long-standing desire for peace, stability, and prosperity. The war has caused extensive loss of lives and property and created an atmosphere of fear, and Bangladesh is deeply concerned about this,” said Javed.

“As a result of the war, many people have already been displaced in Sudan in the hope of safe shelter, there is a shortage of food, and widespread looting is going on due to the deteriorating law and order situation – local people and expatriate residents of different countries, including Bangladeshis, are suffering because of it,” he added.

The ambassador also said there are about 1,500 Bangladeshi nationals living in Sudan who are waiting for evacuation. The Government of Bangladesh is trying to repatriate them safely from Sudan.

He thanked the Saudi government for its efforts to evacuate foreign nationals, including Bangladeshis, from Sudan.

Several other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, are also carrying out rescue operations.

The Bangladesh ambassador called on Sudan’s government and opposition parties to create safe return passage for foreigners and safe opportunities for humanitarian assistance.

The ambassador also mentioned that the attack on the Bangladesh embassy and the head of mission’s residence in Sudan during the war was sad and a clear violation of diplomatic policy.

He urged the Sudanese government and the warring parties to ensure the safety and overall cooperation of the diplomatic mission and its personnel in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

OIC permanent representatives from Sudan, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Gambia, Mauritania, Cameroon, Djibouti, Chad, Tunisia, Palestine, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries spoke at the meeting.

The meeting adopted a joint declaration calling for an end to the war in Sudan, the start of the peace process and various effective steps on other important issues.

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