Taliban invites former president Ghani to attend the Afghan assembly

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Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has been asked to attend the Afghan Assembly, according to a Taliban diplomat.

According to Russia’s Sputnik news agency, the Taliban envoy to Moscow, Jamal Nasser Gharwal, stated that the organisation had organised a “Afghan Assembly” conference and that Ashraf Ghani had been invited to visit Kabul.

Before the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August, 2021, Ashraf Ghani and his wife fled from the presidential palace, and there are claims that he carried about $21 million from the central bank’s reserves.

Political figures seeking asylum outside of Afghanistan are asked to attend, says Nasser Gharwal.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had previously told the media that the meeting would take place soon, reports The Khaama Press.

Members of many sections of society will be invited to the conference, which is expected to be extensive, according to sources. At the conference, the Taliban will debate two topics: Afghanistan’s frozen assets and the Taliban’s political legitimacy.

According to recent reports, the meeting would focus on Afghanistan’s future political structure and the development of a multi-party administration.

The present address of Ashraf Ghani is unknown. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, Ashraf Ghani returned to Afghanistan this week to alleviate tensions between the Ghaljai and Durrani tribes.

The news agency backed up this assertion by claiming that Taliban Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Stanekzai remained in Abu Dhabi awaiting Ashraf Ghani’s return.

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