‘Democracy we Witnessed over these Past 10 years was FAKE in Myanmar’ – Thinzar Shunlei Yi

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Winner of the Women of the Future Southeast Asia Award 2019, Thinzar Shunlei Yi[1] said, the coup started in Myanmar. After several disputes out of 2020 election results, now we are seeing the reality of Myanmar Politics.

She said in her Facebook page that Military is taking over power starting from early this morning. Several incumbent Government and ruling party leaders were detained including some other prominent activists and politicians.

I condemn the coup and ongoing retaliations using armed power. Our generations have suffered through hardship all our lives since 1962 military coup and it’s so disappointing to see history repeats now.

However, Democracy we witnessed over these past 10 years was FAKE. And we were largely in illusions dreaming of federal democratic nation under military-drafted 2008 constitution. So I am saying all these fake democratic shows and dramas drafted by Military is now revealing its own true color.

She added, we all will be standing firm as always on principles and will fight for Justice and Freedom till our last breaths. So please stand in Solidarity with us and help anyway you can to support Democracy and Human Rights in Myanmar.

Some of the critics are pointing fingers towards Soe Maung- a Burmese politician and retired army general regarding this military movements. He served as a Minister of the President’s Office in Thein Sein’s Cabinet along with five other ministers. He is a former Judge Advocate General. He is also a graduate of the Defence Services Academy.

In August 2018, Soe Maung registered a new political party, Democratic Party of National Politics (DNP), in the lead up to the 2020 Myanmar general election, along with another former military officer and Auditor-General, Lun Maung. DNP has faced allegations of being a proxy party for the military-operated Union Solidarity and Development Party because of Soe Maung’s close ties to Than Shwe. Soe Maung is also a chair of Ra Hta Pa La Association- ‘country’s protectors’, a nationalist organization.

[1] Thinzar Shun Lei Yi is the winner of the Women of the Future Southeast Asia Award 2019. She hosts the Under 30 Dialogue, which is a TV show in Myanmar. Her show discusses various topics concerning politics, youth participation, and democratic development in Myanmar. Shun Lei is passionate about promoting equal rights and opportunities for each individual in Myanmar, especially political rights and opportunities for marginalized groups such as women and youth.
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