Okkar Kyaw has been selected as Galon Oo Saw in ‘Aung San’ movie

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A movie is being prepared on the life story of Burmese politician and revolutionary leader Aung San. Casting Director Soe Moe told on  July 3, 2020 that the spouse of actress Suu Pan Htwar was selected for the Galon Oo Saw character in the upcoming “Aung San” movie.

Galon U Saw was a leading Burmese politician who served as Prime Minister of British Burma during the colonial era before the Second World War. He is also known for his role in the assassination of Burma’s national hero Aung San and other independence leaders in July 1947, only months before Burma gained independence from Britain in January 1948. He was executed by hanging for this assassination.

Photo : Galon U Saw

Casting Director Artist Soe Moe said Okkar Kyaw had been chosen as he resembled the character in terms of his face and his height and he was able to act.

The “Aung San” movie character selection committee shortlisted Okkar Kyaw in the first stage and in second stage he will be interviewed and then screen test and character make-up test will come within a few days.

Previously the grandson of Oo Saw, Zaw Zaw Paing, was selected for this character but he was unable to take up the role due to objections from parents and relatives and therefore applications were requested for the character.

An advertisement for the Galon Oo Saw character was put placed on 5th June and a total of 29 applications were received.

Casting Director Artist Soe Moe and Director Lu Min made the selection for this character from applicants based on their resemblance in age, height and facial features and then Okkar Kyaw was finally shortlisted.

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