Kaptai Hydroelectric Power Plant generates 203MW of electricity

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Heavy rains have been intermittent throughout the week in and around Kaptai Lake in Rangamati. As a result, the production of Kaptai Hydroelectric Power Plant has increased to 203MW due to the increase in the lake water coming down the hill slopes.

When contacted on Monday morning, Engineer ATM Abduzzaher, manager of Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station, said that 203 megawatts of electricity have been generated from five units of the power plant till 9am on Monday.

He also said that according to the rule curve (measurement of water) on Monday till 9am, the water in Kaptai Lake is expected to be 99.69 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). However, the lake now has water at 105.88 feet MSL. Kaptai Lake has a water storage capacity of 109 feet MSL.

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